The Barbershop Harmony Society has adopted an “Everyone in Harmony” policy which now includes Women.  The Harbor City Harmonizers, agreeing with the policy, have opened the door and we are now welcoming women of all ages to come and sing with us.  This means that not only women, but families can enjoy the thrill of singing together in one place, performing together and even competing together as an integral part of the Harmonizers.

Now, the Harmonizers welcome “Everyone” and the voice parts include tenor, lead, baritone and bass.  We will be using the existing male barbershop arrangements.  Women are encouraged to sing either tenor or lead (usually the melody) parts.

Meet Our Director:  Sean Stork

Sean Christopher Stork is a classically-trained professional singer who performs regularly with opera companies and symphony orchestras across the country. Sean began singing barbershop in 2004 in Tallahassee while studying for his Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance at Florida State University. He quickly became involved in every facet of the chorus as section leader, director, arranger, show chairman, and was awarded the chapter Barbershopper Of The Year in 2006. After moving to Orlando and joining the Winter Park chapter in 2009, Sean became heavily involved in the Sunshine District Board of Directors as Director of Quartet Development and Vice President of Music and Performance. He was awarded the District Barbershopper Of The Year in 2016 for his extensive work with The Coaches Guild and youth programs in the state of Florida. Sean has participated in many award-winning quartets, is an active composer and arranger, and produces high-quality professional learning tracks.


The Harbor City Harmonizers is a men’s acapella chorus, performing music in the barbershop style; entertaining audiences in Melbourne and Brevard County since 1989.  The Harbor City Harmonizers is the performing chorus of the Melbourne Chapter of the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet singing in America.

We are an enthusiastic group of singers with a wide variety of backgrounds who are consistently striving to improve our singing and vocal techniques which improves our overall performance. Vocal instruction and learning of music theory is part of every rehearsal, led by our most capable director, Sean Stork.


The Harbor City Harmonizers has been promoting and encouraging vocal harmony and good fellowship among its members for 29 years.  We actively educate our members and the public in the appreciation of barbershop music.  We initiate, promote and participate in charitable projects that educate the youth of Brevard County to sing music in the Barbershop style.


We welcome visitors and encourage those that are curious about who we are, what we do and what is barbershop a cappella harmony, to come and check us out.  Our rehearsals begin with vocal and physical warm-ups, yes, physical.  No, not push-ups or anything real strenuous, just enough to get our bodies, lungs and vocal chords working.

We have a rather large repertoire of songs we sing and are continually working to improve them as well as continuing to learn new songs.  We have all the music we sing in Guest books for our visitors.

Our activities are numerous.  We like to perform, compete, encourage quartet singing, have an active youth outreach program and have wonderful educational opportunities and experiences.

You may be asked to sing a portion of a familiar song, like “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” to place your voice in the proper part. If you already know what part you sing, then an audition will not be required.


The Harmonizers have performed for all sorts of functions since 1989.  These functions include Special Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement parties, Valentines, Christmas Parties, Health Care Facilities, special business or Organization functions, you name it, we can do it.  We are available for most any group.  Just contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Singing Valentines is among our most popular performances for quartets and on occasion the chorus.  We send out quartets to sing two love songs to a special person and with the songs is a red rose, a box of candy and a greeting card, all for a small fee. If you are a singer, yes, a Harmonizer, you too can be delivering these singing valentines.  It’s a real fun thing to do, a blast.

The Harmonizers have held Christmas Shows just about every year since 1989.  In 2004 our Christmas show was Called “Sounds of the Season” and we have been using that show name ever since.

The Sunshine District, of which the Harmonizers are members, holds district conventions/competitions in the spring and again in the fall.  For the past several years we have held our conventions at the Orlando Marriott Airport hotel.



President: Mark Amaral

Secretary: Sterling Warner

Treasurer: Dave Richards

Immediate Past President: Dan Barton

VP Chapter Development: Dan Barton

VP Music and Performance: Mike Warner

VP Marketing and Public Relations: Nathan Wyble

VP Programs: Matt Brock

Member at Large & District Delegate: Gordon Yurich

Member at Large: Tim Parmer

Member at Large: Bill Ross

Music Director: Sean Christopher Stork