The Barbershop Harmony Society has recently adopted an “Everyone in Harmony” policy which now includes Women.  The Harbor City Harmonizers, agreeing with the policy, have opened the door and we are now welcoming women of all ages to come and sing with us.  This means that not only women, but families can enjoy the thrill of singing together in one place, performing together and even competing together as an integral part of the Harmonizers.

Now, the Harmonizers welcome “Everyone” and the voice parts include tenor, lead, baritone and bass.  We will not be using anything but the existing male barbershop arrangements.  Currently, women will have to sing either tenor or lead (usually the melody) or maybe the baritone part.

We always welcome singers from all walks of life including women, and even those that think they can’t sing.

Maybe you love to sing along with iTunes or songs on YouTube but haven’t thought much more about it.  Well, here is an opportunity for you to sing with a bunch of men and women of all ages and not be singing alone.

Come to a rehearsal and Check Us Out! It won’t hurt, and you might even like it and have a great time as well.

We rehearse at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, Room 301, Holy Trinity Drive, Melbourne, FL 32940 every Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:30 PM.

Road Construction requires Temporary Access to Holy Trinity from Pineda Causeway to Holy Trinity Drive is eastbound only.   No westbound access.  From N. Wickham access if from Business Center Blvd..

For More Information contact Dan Brinkmann,

Temporary Access Map to Holy Trinity