About HCH

The Harbor City Harmonizers, under the direction of Sean Christopher Stork, are the Sunshine District's Most Improved Chorus, 2017 Fall Convention, held at the Orlando Airport Marriott Hotel, Oct. 28th. We are a men's A Capella chorus of the Melbourne Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Our entire chorus, as well as several quartets, (depending on the type of performance your organization prefers) are available to perform at public and private events in and around Brevard County Florida.

What is Barbershop Harmony?

Barbershop harmony is generally considered to be one of the few uniquely American-born musical styles, alongside jazz , with which it shares origins. The simplest definition of barbershop centers around:

- Relatively simple melodies
- Sung in four-part harmony
- Without instruments
- With the melody carried in the second-highest voice part (barbershop “lead”), a high tenor harmonizing above that, a bass singer singing fundamental harmonies (mainly roots and fifths), and a baritone filling in above and below the melody.

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Visit Us

Visitors are always welcome!

We rehearse on Tuesdays at 7:00 – 9:30, Room 301
Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy
5625 Holy Trinity Drive, Melbourne
(Pineda Causeway between US 1 and Wickham Road)

Temporary Access to Holy Trinity:

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